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Middle East studies in the News from 2002

Articles by Year:

Articles marked by a icon are recommended by Campus Watch staff.

ÇØÑæÍÇÊ Çáíãíä ÇáÃãíÑßí ÚäÏ ãßíøÉ: Ðãø ÇáÚÑÈ ÈáÓÇä ÚÑÈí
December 30, 2002 - Dar Al-Hayat

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffProfs Condemn Israel in Advance
by Martin Kramer, December 20, 2002 -

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffKing Fahd's plan to conquer America
by Ben Shapiro, December 20, 2002 -

Bernard Lewis: In the Service of Empire
by Lamis Andoni, December 16, 2002 - The Electronic Intifada

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffLessons in hate, on a campus near you
by Leonard Stern, December 14, 2002 - Ottawa Citizen

Israel on Campus
by Ruth R. Wisse, December 13, 2002 - Wall Street Journal

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffTerror's Academic Sympathizers
by Leslie Carbone, December 9, 2002 - FrontPage Magazine

Campus Should Cultivate Its Seeds of Debate
by Marc Fisher, December 3, 2002 - Washington Post

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffGeorgetown Blows Fuses
by Martin Kramer, November 27, 2002 -

Yale stops funding for study in Israel
by Bridget Kelly, November 24, 2002 - Yale Daily News

Middle East Studies After September 11
by Joel Beinin, November 23, 2002 - Middle East Studies Association

Press Release by Goergetown University Administration
November 22, 2002

US-based professor claims Jews want to control Arab world
by Maha Al-Azar, November 20, 2002 - Daily Star (Lebanon)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffWorking for the Mullahs
by Mohammad Parvin, November 19, 2002 - National Review Online

Interview: Kanan Makiya Discusses His View on How Iraq Should Be Governed Post-Saddam Hussein
November 19, 2002 - NRP's All Things Considered

Concordia Moratorium Must Be Ended
November 14, 2002 - Canadian Association of University Teachers

War on Campus
by Alan Pittman, November 14, 2002 - Eugene Weekly

History, Political Science Professors Discuss Iraq
by Greg Woodward, November 7, 2002 - Columbia Spectator

Newsweek editor discusses ramifications of Iraq war
by Jeremy Kutner, November 7, 2002 - Yale Daily News

Speaker criticizes U.S. policy in Mideast
by Laura Sullivan, November 5, 2002 - Daily Pennsylvanian

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffThe Columbia Club of Middle Eastern Studies
by Martin Kramer, November 5, 2002 -

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffRacism rears its ugly face at Conn
by Steven Slosberg, November 3, 2002 -

Faculty oppose Iraqi war in forum
by Sarah Ingle, November 1, 2002 - Flat Hat (William and Mary)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffWho funded the Michigan hate-fest?
by Debbie Schlussel, November 1, 2002 - Jerusalem Post

Statement on Academic Integrity and Moral Turpitude When Discussing the Middle East on Campus
November 2002 - Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

State of 'dhimmitude' seen as threat to Christians, Jews
by Julia Duin, October 30, 2002 - Washington Times

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffDamned If You Do
by Rod Dreher, October 29, 2002 - National Review Online

Jihad at 'Gaza U'
by Sheli Teitelbaum, October 21, 2002 - Jerusalem Report

Terrorist Speech Threatens, and U-M Shouldn't Permit It [on Michigan U divestment conf., refs. Hatem Bazian, Sami Al-Arian]
by Debbie Schlussel, October 21, 2002 -

Colleges urged to pull funds from Israel
by Ron Nissimov, October 20, 2002 - Houston Chronicle

Author describes history of jihad
by Emir Senturk, October 11, 2002 - Brown Daily Herald

Albanian Muslims: Islamist Target
by Stephen Schwartz, October 11, 2002 - FrontPage Magazine

Muslims 'victims of injustice'
October 9, 2002 - Kuwait Times

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffTranscript of Sept. 23 UNC-Chapel Hill Teach-In
October 8, 2002 - Carolina Journal

Controversial linguist rails at U.S. policies
by Taimur Khan, October 4, 2002 - Daily Pennsylvanian

It is not a 'just war,' say US academics
by Christian Bourge, October 4, 2002 - United Press International

College Presidents Circulate a Statement Decrying Threats Against Jewish Students
by Scott Smallwood, October 3, 2002 - Chronicle of Higher Education

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffMESA: Nothing Learned, Nothing Forgotten
by Martin Kramer, October 2, 2002 -

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffCampus Leftists Defend a Student Terrorist
by Oubai Mohammad Shahbandar, October 1, 2002 - FrontPage Magazine

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffUniversity Links to Terror
by A.E. Smith, Fall 2002 - Campus Magazine

UNC-CH Groups Resume Anti-War Events
by Jon Sanders, October 2002 - Carolina Journal

Univ. of Michigan to Host 'Zionism is Racism' Conference
by Michael Freund, September 30, 2002 - Jerusalem Post

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffWhy is Michigan lending its campus to conference with anti-Jewish agenda?
by Nolan Finley, September 29, 2002 - Detroit News

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffUK Prof: Suicide Attacks Can Be "Rationalized"
by Michael Freund, September 27, 2002 - Jerusalem Post

American academia may be principal casualty of Sept. 11
by Abdelwahab El-Affendi, September 26, 2002 - Daily Star (Lebanon)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffAsk Professor Esposito
by Martin Kramer, September 26, 2002 -

Hating Israel is part of campus culture
by Jonathan Kay, September 25, 2002 - National Post

At Montreal school, Jewish student beaten a week after Palestinian riot
by Bram Eisenthal, September 23, 2002 - JTA

On campuses, critics of Israel fend off a label
by Marcella Bombardieri, September 21, 2002 - Boston Globe

Islamic Speakers Decry 'Fear'
by Michelle Locke, September 19, 2002 - Associated Press

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffFree Speech 101
by Dahlia Lithwick, September 19, 2002 - Slate

Terrorists at our universities
by Ben Shapiro, September 19, 2002 -

Islamic Studies' Young Turks
by Danny Postel, September 13, 2002 - Chronicle of Higher Education

Campus Unrest Spurs Concordia U. in Montreal to Ban Campus Activities on the Mideast
by Janice Paskey, September 12, 2002 - Chronicle of Higher Education

The nutty professors: worrying times for the academic study of Israel
by Neill Lochery, September 11, 2002 - Jerusalem Post

No, Not That Billy Graham
by Brendan Miniter, September 6, 2002 - Wall Street Journal

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffProf shocks Northeastern with defense of suicide bomber
by Ed Hayward, September 5, 2002 - Boston Herald

Censorship on Campus?
by Onkar Ghate, September 4, 2002 - MediaLink - Ayn Rand Institute

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffEsposito: Apologist for Militant Islam
by Campus Watch, September 3, 2002 - FrontPage Magazine

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffMESA Culpa
by Martin Kramer, September 2002 - Middle East Quarterly

Instructed, Not Converted
by Terry Eastland, August 28, 2002 - Weekly Standard

Recommended by Campus Watch Staff'Demon Israel' and the ivory tower
by Noga Tarnopolsky, August 19, 2002 - Ha'aretz

Scholars Revive Boycott of U.S. Grants to Promote Language Training
by Anne Marie Borrego, August 16, 2002 - Chronicle of Higher Education

CCSU institute: Police protection, but no media
by Adam N. Schupack, August 7, 2002 - Jewish Ledger

CCSU Middle East institute lacked balance, participants say
by Adam N. Schupack, August 7, 2002 - Jewish Ledger

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffAddled academics: University 'experts' on the Middle East have lost credibility
August 6, 2002 - Ottawa Citizen

Mideast Course Gets Mixed Reviews
by Maryellen Fillo, August 3, 2002 - Hartford Courant

Police Guard CCSU Class
by Maryellen Fillo, July 30, 2002 - Hartford Courant

The See-No-Evil Middle East Experts
July 29, 2002 - Weekly Standard

An Attempt to Isolate Israeli Scholars Draws Flak
by Beth McMurtrie, July 26, 2002 - Chronicle of Higher Education

Update on CCSU Institute
by Adam N. Schupack, July 24, 2002 - Jewish Ledger

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffTreason of the Academics
by Stephen Schwartz, July 22, 2002 - FrontPage Magazine

The More Things Stay the Same
by Stanley Kurtz, July 22, 2002 - National Review Online

Letter to the House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Regarding Title VI
July 19, 2002 - American Council on Education

Crisis Studies?
by Beth Henary, July 19, 2002 - Weekly Standard

Anti-Americanism in the Classroom
by Stanley Kurtz, July 15, 2002 - National Review

Rude Awakenings
by Jay Nordlinger, July 15, 2002 - National Review

Talking Points Refuting Stanley Kurtz's Attack On HEA-Title VI Area Centers
July 7, 2002 - American Council on Education

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffDebate: Between Pipes and Esposito
by Henry Munson, July 2002 - ISIM

Mideast Stirs Up Feelings At University Of Hawaii
by Lisa Huynh, June 27, 2002 - Ka Leo O Hawaii

CCSU, Tunxis institutes for teachers lack balance, Jewish leaders say
by Adam N. Schupack, June 26, 2002 - Jewish Ledger

Jihad Comes to Harvard
by Tal Ben-Shahar, June 12, 2002 -

Jihad on Campus
by Pat Collins, June 6, 2002 - National Review Online

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffArabic Panic
by Martin Kramer, Summer 2002 - Middle East Quarterly

Berkeley Course Description That Discouraged Conservative Students From Enrolling Will Be Revised
by Piper Fogg, May 14, 2002 - Berkeley Campus News

Pro-Palestinian Class Proposal Under Review
by Millie Lapidario and Wendy Lee, May 10, 2002 - Daily Californian

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffCramped speech at UC Berkeley
by Tanya Schevitz, May 10, 2002 - San Francisco Chronicle

The Intifada Curriculum
by Roger Kimball, May 9, 2002 - Wall Street Journal

Students Organize Sit-In To Support Palestinians
by Xan Nowakowski, April 18, 2002 - Columbia Spectator

Georgetown University Professor, Halim Barakat: 'The Jews Have Lost Their Humanity'
April 16, 2002 - MEMRI

Academia Accused
by Alex Schulman, April 12, 2002 - Brown Daily Herald

Interest in Western Philosophy Leads Iranian Professor to CUA
by Chris Harrison, March 7, 2002 - InsideCUA (Catholic University)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffJihad 101
by Martin Kramer, Spring 2002 - Middle East Quarterly

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffProfessors of Palestine
by Martin Kramer, Winter 2002 - Middle East Quarterly

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