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Middle East studies in the News from 2014

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Articles marked by a icon are recommended by Campus Watch staff.

UCLA's Center for Near East Studies-An Academic Joke [incl. Lisa Hajjar, Mark LeVine]
by Gary Fouse, December 30, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Fall Semester Ends With Big BDS Push [incl. the Middle East Studies Association]
by Alex Joffe, December 30, 2014 - Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME)

Programmers at CNES Saw No Reason to Counter Israel Criticism [incl. Gabriel Piterberg, Lisa Hajjar, Saree Makdisi, Richard Falk]
by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith, December 29, 2014 - The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

The Year BDS Became the Number One Concern for American Jews [incl. MESA]
by Debra Nussbaum Cohen, December 27, 2014 - Haaretz

Conservatives Win Battle Against Radical Liberals in California Colleges [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith]
by Gary Fouse, December 26, 2014 - Eagle Rising

Federal Funding to Support UChicago Language Instruction, Graduate Education
December 23, 2014 - News of The University of Chicago

Anti-Vegan Rant by Shawndeez Davari Jadali [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Dusty, December 21, 2014 - Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

High School: Islamic Vocabulary Lesson Part of Common Core Standards
by Todd Starnes, December 20, 2014 -

More "Education" at UCLA [on James Gelvin, incl. Mark LeVine]
by Gary Fouse, December 19, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Something Is Rotten in UCLA's Center for Near East Studies [incl. James Gelvin, Richard Falk, Sondra Hale]
by Mitchell G. Bard, December 19, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies: A Post-AMCHA Look [incl. Steven Salaita]
by Devorah Friedman, December 19, 2014 - Ha'Am: UCLA's Jewish Newsmagazine

Hassan Diab Destined For Long Wait in Paris Prison
by Chris Cobb, December 19, 2014 - The Ottawa Citizen

Viral Video Alleges Pitt County High School Promoting Islam
by WNCT News, December 19, 2014 - WNCT News (Greenville, NC)

A GIA Response to Former UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk
by Daniel Silbert, December 18, 2014 - The Hoya (student newspaper of Georgetown University)

Muslim Scholar Blames Porn for Jihad [incl. Hamza Yusuf, John Esposito, Zaid Shakir]
by John Rossomando, December 17, 2014 - The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Angry Arab Rant (Welcome to the Club)
by Gary Fouse, December 16, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

George Mason's Islamic Studies Center Founder Ali Vural Ak to Receive Honorary Degree [incl. Huseyin Yilmaz]
by Cathy Cruise, December 16, 2014 - News of George Mason University

Lecture at University of Tennessee Did Not Promote Islam [Letter to the Editor; on Sherman Jackson]
by Charles Fels, December 15, 2014 - Knoxville News Sentinel

Librarians: the Latest Pawns in the Debate
by Annoyed Librarian, December 15, 2014 - Library Journal

Manhattan Beach, California School Board Meeting 12-10-14
by Gary Fouse, December 14, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Attacks Against Pluralism Bad for Islam, Say Scholars [incl. Ebrahim Moosa]
by Sheridan Mahavera, December 14, 2014 - The Malaysian Insider

Follow Islamic Finance Path in Reforming Islamic Law, Says Scholar [on Rumee Ahmed and Ayesha Chaudhry]
by Jennifer Gomez, December 13, 2014 - The Malaysian Insider

Manhattan Beach Parents Upset Over Lessons on Islam, School District Maintains it is Following the Law
by Carley Dryden, December 12, 2014 - The Daily Breeze

University of Arizona International Centers Receive Title VI Funds [incl. Anne Betteridge]
by Lori Harwood, December 12, 2014 - UA News (University of Arizona)

History of Israeli­Palestinian Conflict, 1881 to Present
by James Gelvin, Fall 2014 - UCLA History Department

Muslim Extremism Found in Problematic Quran Translation, Forum Told [incl. Ebrahim Moosa]
by Sheridan Mahavera, December 11, 2014 - The Malaysian Insider

Professor Mark (Don't Call Me Anti-Israel) LeVine
by Gary Fouse, December 10, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Islamic Scholar: Malaysian Constitution is Liberal [on Ebrahim Moosa]
by Susan Loone, December 9, 2014 -

Israel and Academics [incl. MESA, Steven Salaita]
by Steve Hochstadt, December 9, 2014 - Civitas Media

Malaysia Built on Pluralism and Liberalism, Says U.S. Muslim Scholar [on Ebrahim Moosa]
by Opalyn Mok, December 9, 2014 - The Malay Mail Online

Be the Change, Scholar Tells Malaysians on Ending Extremism [on Ebrahim Moosa]
by Looi Sue-Chen, December 9, 2014 - The Malaysian Insider

New Islam-Based Grade School Opening in Grand Rapids
by Brody Carter, December 8, 2014 - Fox 17 News

Promoting Diversity Isn't Trying to Stifle Free Speech [Letter to the Editor; incl. Sondra Hale]
by Kenneth L. Marcus, December 8, 2014 - The Hill

At Annual Meeting, Anthropologists Discuss the Academic Boycott of Israel
by Elizabeth Redden, December 5, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

Why Lewis & Clark Needs a Middle East Studies Program
by Caleb Diehl, December 5, 2014 - The Pioneer Log (student news of Lewis & Clark College)

The Lewis & Clark Community Rallies for a Middle East Minor
by Meghan Zea, December 5, 2014 - The Pioneer Log (student news of Lewis & Clark College)

Shilling for Islamic Terrorists [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Steven Salaita]
by Deborah Weiss, December 4, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffBoycott Fever at MESA
by Martin Kramer, December 3, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Tariq Ramadan Presents Lecture on Pursuing Professional Ethics
by Umer Nangiana, December 3, 2014 - Gulf Times

Messy Politics at the Middle East Studies Association [incl. Juan Cole, Lisa Hajjar, Nathan Brown]
by Franck Salameh, December 3, 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

UCLA Professor Strikes Back at Critics of Center for Near Eastern Studies [on James Gelvin; incl. Mark LeVine]
by Gary Fouse, December 2, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

The Vote to Boycott Israel's Universities [on Middle East Studies Association]
by Nathan J. Brown, December 1, 2014 - Foreign Policy

Armenian, Palestinian and Kurdish 'Unhealed Wounds' Addressed at First Annual Dink Lecture [on Rashid Khalidi]
by Alin K. Gregorian, December 1, 2014 - Mirror-Spectator

Open Hillel by Professor Mark LeVine
by Gary Fouse, November 28, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Hero's Welcome for Hater of Israel at MESA [on Steven Salaita, incl. Lisa Hajjar]
by Martin Kramer, November 25, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Was It Something I Said, Professor? [on Mark LeVine]
by Gary Fouse, November 25, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Middle East Studies Association Members Defend Boycotts of Israel
by Peter Schmidt, November 25, 2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Islam In School: Angry Parents Remove Son From Class Over Islamic Assignment
November 25, 2014 - The Inquisitr

Evil Spirit Taking Over Middle Eastern Studies
by Ben-Dror Yemini, November 25, 2014 - Ynet News

Academics Vote To Be Forum On Israel Boycotts, Adopts No Stance For Or Against
by Steven R. Hurst, November 24, 2014 - Associated Press

Leading Mideast Studies Group Expected to Back BDS Resolution Monday [on MESA]
by Uri Blau, November 24, 2014 - Haaretz

Islamic Studies Director Raises Money For Top Recruits To Enroll
by Emma Tyrrell, November 24, 2014 - The GW Hatchet (newspaper of George Washington University)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffMe and My MESA
by Martin Kramer, November 23, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Is Tennessee Teaching Its Children to Hate Jews?
by Hana Levi Julian, November 23, 2014 - The Jewish Press

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffAnti-Israel Bias Infiltrates the Classroom [incl. Steven Salaita, Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith, November 22, 2014 - American Thinker

UNC, Duke Team Up to Enhance Understanding of Middle East [incl. Miriam Cooke, Carl Ernst]
by Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin, November 22, 2014 - News & Observer

Islam, Anti-Semitism Sneak Into Tennessee Textbooks
by Bob Unruh, November 22, 2014 - World Net Daily

Stifling of Free Speech on Campus [Editorial on Title VI]
by Sondra Hale and Bekah Wolf, November 21, 2014 - The Hill

Brooklyn College Urged to Cancel Students for Justice in Palestine Event [incl. Katherine Franke and Steven Salaita]
by Matthew Taub, November 20, 2014 - Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Princeton Jewish Community Split Over Hillel Stand on Divestment [incl. Max Weiss]
by Spencer Parts, November 20, 2014 - Forward

Middle Eastern Studies Lacking at Eastern Washington University
by Katie Dunn, November 20, 2014 - The Easterner (student newspaper of Eastern Washington University)

Peter Krause Critiques U.S. Response To ISIS
by Carolyn Freeman, November 20, 2014 - The Heights (student newspaper of Boston College)

"How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?" Author Due to Visit Campus [on Moustafa Bayoumi]
by Kiana Berry, November 20, 2014 - The Northerner Online (student newspaper of Northern Kentucky University)

State Board of Education in Texas Evades an Initial Vote on Social Studies Books
by Mary Tuma, November 19, 2014 - The Austin Chronicle

Princeton Debates Professors' Divestment Petition [incl. Max Weiss]
by Debra Rubin, November 18, 2014 - New Jersey Jewish News

Mexican Drug Cartels Worse Than Islamic State, Imam Tells Sydney Muslims [on Zaid Shakir; incl. Zaytuna College]
by Gina Rushton, November 17, 2014 - The Australian

The Return of the Malevolent Jew: the Academic Nazification of Israel [incl. Norman Finkelstein, Richard Falk, Steven Salaita]
by Richard L. Cravatts, November 16, 2014 - American Thinker

Arabic Immersion School Coming to Texas
by Merrill Hope, November 16, 2014 - Breitbart News

Free Speech v. Political Correctness [on Hatem Bazian]
by Abraham H. Miller, November 15, 2014 - Gatestone Institute

Hassan Diab Charged With First-Degree Murder in France
November 15, 2014 - The Canadian Press

Canadian Faces Extradition for Paris Synagogue Bomb [on Hassan Diab]
November 14, 2014 - BBC News

Hassan Diab Extradited to France Early This Morning
November 14, 2014 - CBC News

Princeton Professors Open New Front in Campus Battle Over Israel [incl. Max Weiss, Daniel Kurtzer]
by Spencer Parts, November 14, 2014 - Forward

Title VI and Middle East Studies: What You Need to Know
by Bekah Wolf, November 14, 2014 - Middle East Research and Information Project

Professor Talks Extinction of Christianity in Middle East [on Philip Jenkins]
by Abigail Loop, November 14, 2014 - The Baylor Lariat

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Ottawa Professor's Appeal in French Terror Extradition Case [on Hassan Diab]
by Jim Bronskill, November 14, 2014 - The Canadian Press

Center for Emerging Worlds Launches With A Year-Long Focus on Global Islam
by Guy Lasnier, November 14, 2014 - UCSC News (University of California Santa Cruz)

Hassan Diab Loses Supreme Court Bid to Halt Extradition to France
November 13, 2014 - CBC News

New Professor Brings Arabic Language and Culture to ERAU [on Tarek Mahmoud]
by Emma Figueroa, November 13, 2014 - Horizons Newspaper (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

Houston Independent School District Okays Arabic Immersion Schools
by Ericka Mellon, November 13, 2014 - Houston Chronicle

Houston Independent School District Approves Plans For Arabic Language Immersion School
by Sara Fatima Dhanji, November 13, 2014 - KPRC News (Houston, TX)

Mom Questions School for Portraying Muslims as More Faithful Than Christians
by Kelsey Harkness, November 13, 2014 - The Daily Signal

Setting the Record Straight: Programming of the G.E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies, 2010-2014
by James Gelvin, November 13, 2014 - The G.E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies at UCLA

Princeton's Faculty Petition to Divest from Israeli Occupation [incl. Amaney Jamal, Max Weiss, Richard Falk]
by Usaama al-Azami, November 13, 2014 - The Huffington Post

Self-Sufficiency Deeply Rooted in Iran's National Culture, Historian Says
by Laura Paisley, November 13, 2014 - USC News (University of Southern California)

Supreme Court Set to Decide Bombing Suspect Hassan Diab's Fate
by Kelly Roche, November 12, 2014 - Ottawa Sun

Academic BDS a Growing Threat, Campus Activist Says [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
by Janice Arnold, November 12, 2014 - The Canadian Jewish News

Panel of Professors Explain Middle East Tensions
by Negassi Tesfamichael, November 12, 2014 - The Daily Cardinal (news of the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

One Year After Boycott Vote, Israel Issue Still Divides ASA [incl. Sondra Hale]
by Anthony Weiss, November 11, 2014 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Wanted by France, Hassan Diab Will Await His Fate From A Jail Cell
by Chris Cobb, November 11, 2014 - The Ottawa Citizen

Faculty Discuss U.S. and Middle East Relations
by Zack Wajsgras, November 11, 2014 - Virginia Tech Collegiate Times

The Campus Is Conquered . . . [on the Palestine Teaching Trunk]
by Edward Alexander, November 10, 2014 - The Weekly Standard

Petition for Princeton to Divest Sparks Debate [incl. Molly Greene, Michael Laffan, Gyan Prakash, Cyrus Schayegh, Max Weiss, Daniel Kurtzer]
by Shriya Sekhsaria, November 9, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Muslim Instructor Criticizes U.S. Troops; Complaints Flood University of Arizona [on Musa al-Gharbi]
by Carol Ann Alaimo, November 8, 2014 - Arizona Daily Star

Professor Joel Beinin: "Palestinians are the Victims of the Victims of the Holocaust."
by Richard Millett, November 8, 2014 - Richard Millett's Blog

Palestinian Students "Celebrate" Edward Said [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi and Hatem Bazian]
November 7, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Palestinian Students Embrace the Power of Culture, Celebrate Activist Mural [incl. Hatem Bazian and Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Jennah Feeley, November 7, 2014 - Golden Gate Xpress (student newspaper of San Francisco State University)

Muslim Arizona University Instructor Compares U.S. Military to ISIS [on Musa Al-Gharbi; incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Ryan Mauro, November 7, 2014 - The Clarion Project

Former Kerry Aide Discusses Peace Negotiations [on David Makovsky]
by Neala Berkowski, November 7, 2014 - The Michigan Daily (student newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

University of Arizona Instructor Exercising First Amendment Gets Criticized [on Musa Al-Gharbi]
by Lupita Murillo, November 6, 2014 - KVOA News (Tucson, AZ)

North Central College to Establish Program in Middle Eastern and North African Studies
November 6, 2014 - News of North Central College

Afghanistan Studies Steps Forward at UCLA
November 6, 2014 - News of UCLA International Institute

Connecticut Must Defend Free Speech, Protect Against 'Libel Tourism' [incl. Khalid bin Mahfouz]
by Jane Bate, November 5, 2014 - New Haven Register

On the Ottoman Empire, Shariah Law and Turkey
by Jeffrey R. Wakefield, November 5, 2014 - News of University of Vermont

Director of Middle Eastern Studies Program Hopes to Establish Stronger Presence at Syracuse University
by Katelyn Faubel, November 5, 2014 - The Daily Orange (student newspaper of Syracuse University)

Jewish Group Calls for Immediate Extradition of Canadian Terror Suspect [on Hassan Diab]
by Sam Sokol, November 5, 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

Arizona Professor Says U.S. Soldiers Are Anti-Muslim Rapists, Greater Threat to World Peace than ISIS
by Maggie Lit, November 4, 2014 - Campus Reform

'The U.S. is a Greater Threat to Peace than ISIS': Arizona Professor Provokes Outrage After Insisting U.S. Troops Are No Better Than The Militants [on Musa al-Gharbi]
by James Gordon, November 4, 2014 - Daily Mail (U.K.)

Arizona Instructor Claims U.S. Military 'Greater Threat' to Peace Than ISIS [on Musa al-Gharbi]
November 4, 2014 -

Professor: What's the Difference Between the U.S. and ISIL? [on Musa al-Gharbi]
November 4, 2014 - KTAR News (Arizona)

Flashback – When Iranians Chant "Death to America" They Mean "I'd really like to visit Disneyland" [on Juan Cole]
by William A. Jacobson, November 4, 2014 - Legal Insurrection

Arizona Professor Musa al-Ghrabi Claims U.S. Military A 'Greater Threat' To Peace Than ISIS
November 4, 2014 - The Inquisitr

Islamic State Less a Threat to World Peace than U.S. Military, Arizona Professor Says [on Musa al-Gharbi]
by Douglas Ernst, November 4, 2014 - The Washington Times

University Instructor Claims U.S. Troops Worse Than ISIS [on Musa al-Gharbi]
by F. Peter Brown, November 4, 2014 - Western Journalism

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffA Smoke Screen for Palestine-Pushers [incl. MESA]
by Martin Kramer, November 3, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

University Instructor: U.S. Troops Worse than the Islamic State [on Musa al-Gharbi]
by Adam Kredo, November 3, 2014 - The Washington Free Beacon

Marine Dad Barred from School over Protest of Islam Curriculum
by WILLIAM BIGELOW, November 2, 2014 - Breitbart News

Ottawa Professor Facing Extradition Over Anti-Semitic Bombing in Paris Asks Top Court to Hear His Appeal [on Hassan Diab]
by Jim Bronskill, November 2, 2014 - National Post

Islamic Fundamentalists Successfully 'Infiltrating Social Studies And History Texts'
by Sara Noble, November 1, 2014 - The Independent Sentinel

Parents Pull Son from Class Because School Is Teaching Islam
by William Bigelow, October 31, 2014 - Breitbart News

A New Kind of War: A Report and Analysis on the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation's West Coast Planning [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Lee Kaplan, October 31, 2014 - Center for Security Policy

Parents Upset That Children Are Being Taught About Islam at Manhattan Beach School
by Mary Beth McDade, October 31, 2014 - KTLA 5 News

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Researcher to Discuss Children, War [on Heidi Morrison]
by Nathan Hansen, October 31, 2014 - La Crosse Tribune

Sherman Jackson Takes His Sharia Propaganda to University of Tennessee
by Gary Fouse, October 30, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Teach-In For Gaza Examines Conflict [incl. Steven Salaita, Sa'ed Atshan]
by Sherry Kim, October 30, 2014 - Johns Hopkins News-Letter

Southern California Professor Compares Sharia Law, U.S. Constitution [on Sherman Jackson]
by Hannah Marley, October 30, 2014 - The Daily Beacon (student newspaper at University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Brookings Takes Both Sides of the Issue on Islamist Censorship [incl. Muqtedar Khan]
by Steven Emerson, John Rossomando and Dave Yonkman, October 30, 2014 - The Investigative Project on Terrorism

In Defense of U.S. Funding for Area Studies
by Nathan J. Brown, October 30, 2014 - The Washington Post

Marine Dad Banned From School After Complaining About Islam Assignment
by Megyn Kelly, October 29, 2014 -

Experts Weigh in on ISIS Threat and Ideology [incl. Juan Cole and Mohammad Khalil]
by Genevieve Hummer, October 29, 2014 - The Michigan Daily (student newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

Student Enrollment Plummets for Persian Studies
by Alma Villegas, October 28, 2014 - Golden Gate Xpress (student newspaper of San Francisco State University)

Speaker Aims to Connect Shari'ah Law with U.S. Constitution [on Sherman Jackson]
by Tanner Hancock, October 28, 2014 - The Daily Beacon (student newspaper, U. of Tennessee)

Alumni Return to Campus in Various Roles [on Andrew Bowen]
by Tina Nazerian, October 28, 2014 - The Rice Thresher (student newspaper at Rice University)

University Hosts Panel "Responding to ISIS: Violence Against Women and Girls" [incl. Haleh Esfandiari]
by Anna Higgins and Owen Robinson, October 27, 2014 - The Cavalier Daily (news of University of Virginia)

Scholar Tariq Ramadan Warns of Secular-Islamist Split ahead of Tunisia's Polls
by Karem Yehia, October 24, 2014 - Ahram Online (Egypt)

Interview with Professor John Esposito: On ISIS, the Middle East, and Terrorism
by Reyhan Güner, October 24, 2014 - Journal of Turkish Weekly

Radicalization: Why Do Western Youth Join Extremist Groups? [incl. Rex Brynen]
by Marian Scott, October 23, 2014 - Montreal Gazette

Incoming Professor Explores Refugee Camp Dynamics [on Sarah Tobin]
by Grace Yoon, October 22, 2014 - The Brown Daily Herald

Willful Blindness to Academic Anti-Semitism [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Richard L. Cravatts, October 22, 2014 - The Times of Israel

University of Tennessee to Expand Arabic Program [incl. Douja Mamelouk]
by Hannah Marley, October 21, 2014 - The Daily Beacon (student newspaper, U. of Tennessee

ISIS Does Not Represent Islam [incl. Feryal Cherif]
by Hassan Abdulla, October 20, 2014 - Los Angeles Loyolan

SJP's History of Hatred [incl. Hatem Bazian]
October 20, 2014 - The Tower Magazine

On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Daniel Mael, October 20, 2014 - The Tower Magazine

Professor Juan Cole Discusses ISIL in Iraq
by Codi Georges, October 20, 2014 - Union Weekly (student newspaper of California State University, Long Beach)

University's Middle East Library is Home to "Enthusiastic" Librarian
by Tyler Olsen, October 19, 2014 - Daily Utah Chronicle (newspaper of the University of Utah)

America's "Most Influential Muslim" Endorses Sharia Law [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Ryan Mauro, October 19, 2014 - The Clarion Project

School of Religion to Begin PhD Program for Next Fall [incl. Sherman Jackson]
by Maddi Eckert, October 19, 2014 - The Daily Trojan (student newspaper of the University of Southern California)

Pakistani Rock Band Khumariyaan Gets Connecticut College Dancing — And Thinking [incl. Sufia Uddin]
by Deborah MacDonnell, October 17, 2014 - Connecticut College News

Juan Cole Condemns David Cameron for Alerting UK Public to British ISIS Fighters
by Gary Fouse, October 17, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

MSU Welcomes Professor Michael Gunter to Speak on Combating ISIS, Aiding Kurds
by Scott Harvey, October 16, 2014 - KSMU Radio (news of Missouri State University)

Author Moustafa Bayoumi Discusses Gaza Conflict
by Hannah O'Malley, October 16, 2014 - News of Colgate University

Is the Islamic State the Islamic 'Reformation'? [incl. Tariq Ramadan]
by Fjordman, October 15, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Jewish Boycotts, Then and Now
by Rafael Medoff, October 15, 2014 -

NCSU to Create Lebanese Diaspora Center with $8.1 Million Grant
by Ian Grice, October 15, 2014 - Technician Online (student newspaper of N.C. State University)

Center for Jewish Life: Freedom of Speech or Association? [incl. Max Weiss]
by Benjamin Dinovelli, October 15, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

370+ US Anthro-Apology Academics Sign Petition Against Israel
by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, October 15, 2014 - The Jewish Press

Diana Allan Launches Book That Chronicles the Lives of Palestinian Refugees [incl. Michelle Hartman]
by Joseph Boctor, October 15, 2014 - The McGill Daily

UNC Nets $9M in Grants to Advance International Studies Programs
by Jason deBruyn, October 15, 2014 - Triangle Business Journal

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffConfronting Campus Scourge of Anti-Israel Venom [incl. Gabriel Piterberg and Sondra Hale]
by Judea Pearl, October 14, 2014 - Forward

Middle East and North Africa Regional Fellowship Program Sends First Fellow Abroad [incl. Stanley Katz]
by Sharon Deng, October 13, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Response to Professor Max Weiss from the Center for Jewish Life
by Julie Roth, Pierre Gentin, Melissa Lane, October 13, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

International Religious Tolerance Exhibit Debuts at Grand Valley State University
by Allison Ribick, October 13, 2014 - The Grand Valley Lanthorn

How to Earn a Doctorate in Religion [incl. Sherman Jackson]
by Laura Paisley, October 13, 2014 - USC News (University of Southern California)

The Lunatic 'Academic Boycott' of Israel
by Leeat Granek, October 12, 2014 - New York Post

Is the Center for Jewish Life Stifling Free Speech on Campus?
by Max Weiss, October 12, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Online Magazine Brings New Life to Arab Studies
by Ursula Lindsey, October 12, 2014 - The New York Times (International Edition)

Departmental Shifts: A Student Perspective on the Faculty Staffing Plan
by Dakota Peschel, October 11, 2014 - The Connecticut College Voice

Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Zainab Alwani, Reclaiming Gender Equality in Islamic Scholarship
by Omar Shahid, October 10, 2014 - Aquila Style

Seminars to Explore Diversity at UCR, Southern California
by Bettye Miller, October 10, 2014 - News of University of California Riverside

Lecture Explores Past and Future Arab Spring [incl. Sean Yom and Khaled Al-Masri]
by Eden Barnett, October 10, 2014 - The Daily Gazette (news of Swarthmore College)

The Chronicle of Higher Education Interviews Jadaliyya Co-Founder Bassam Haddad [incl. MESA, Elias Muhanna]
October 9, 2014 - Jadaliyya

Duke Performances Presents Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali [incl. Omid Safi]
by Christina Lan, October 9, 2014 - The Duke Chronicle

On the Proposal for the CUNY Graduate Center's Doctoral Students' Council to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions
by Conor Tomás Reed and Gordon Barnes, October 8, 2014 - Jadaliyya

University of Washington Jackson School Centers Receive $16 Million for International Education
by Kristina Bowman, October 8, 2014 - News of University of Washington

Nearly 1,200 Academics Sign Anti-Boycott Israel Petition
by Daniel Koren, October 8, 2014 - ShalomLife

Professors Work to Add Jewish Studies Minor
by Dillon Humphrey, October 8, 2014 - The Arkansas Traveler (student newspaper of University of Arkansas)

Anthropology Professors Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions
by Lee Williams, October 8, 2014 - The Cavalier Daily (news of University of Virginia)

Arabic Conversation Tables Connect Language, Culture
by Lauren Brown-Hulme, October 8, 2014 - The Daily Nebraskan

1,200 Academics Sign Anti-Boycott Petition
October 8, 2014 - Times of Israel

Pro-Israel Groups Thank University of California Schools for Affirming Policy Against Anti-Semitism
October 7, 2014 -

Over 1,200 Scholars Sign Petition against Academic Boycott of Israel
by William A. Jacobson, October 7, 2014 - Legal Insurrection

Report Recommends Controversial American-Iranian Policy Changes [incl. Daniel Kurtzer]
by Shriya Sekhsaria, October 7, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Scholar Jocelyne Cesari Discusses Democracy in Islamic States [incl. Ali S. Asani]
by Samuel E. Stone, October 7, 2014 - The Harvard Crimson

Jewish Studies Scholars Shouldn't Whitewash Campus Israel-Bashing
by Gil Troy, October 7, 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

Over 500 Ivy League Anthropologists Join the Boycott Israel Bandwagon [incl. Steve Salaita]
by Zachary Levi, October 7, 2014 - The Jewish Voice

A Range of Perspectives, But All Anti-Israel
by Ellen R. Wald, October 7, 2014 - The Washington Times

MacMillan Center Awarded U.S. Department of Education Funding
by Marilyn Wilkes, October 7, 2014 - Yale News

Centers for Islamic Studies: A Cold-War-Style Influence Operation? [incl. John Esposito]
by Oleg Atbashian, October 6, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Anthropologists From Georgetown & Johns Hopkins Join Academic Boycott of Israel
by Molly Greenberg, October 6, 2014 - InTheCapital

Hundreds of Anthropologists Vow to Boycott Israel
by Israel Hayom, October 6, 2014 -

National Expert on the Middle East Cole to Give ISIL Talk at Cal State Long Beach
by Shayne Schroeder, October 6, 2014 - News of California State University Long Beach

Researchers Examine Arabic Anti-Americanism on Twitter [incl. Amaney Jamal]
by CHRISTINA VOSBIKIAN, October 6, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

More Than 500 Anthropologists Join Academic Boycott of Israel
October 5, 2014 - Haaretz

Anthropologists — Including from Harvard, Georgetown — Join Academic Boycott of Israel
by Valerie Strauss, October 5, 2014 - The Washington Post

500 Scholars Call for Boycotting Israeli Academic Institutions
October 4, 2014 - Press TV

Center for Jewish Studies Features Anti-Semitic Communist Shlomo Sand on "How I Stopped Being a Jew"
by Daniel Greenfield, October 3, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Class Features Diverse Voices on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Guy Lasnier, October 3, 2014 - News of UC Santa Cruz

Religion Update Fall 2014: A Scholarly Boom on Islam [incl. Ebrahim Moosa, Bruce Lawrence, Khaled Abou El Fadl]
by Marcia Z. Nelson and Jana Riess, October 3, 2014 - Publishers Weekly

UCLA Center Violating Law With Anti-Israel Bias
by Leila Beckwith [Letter to the Editor], October 3, 2014 - The Daily Bruin (student newspaper of University of California, Los Angeles)

500 Mideast Scholars Call for Academic Embargo of Israeli Institutions
by Ariel Ben Soloman, October 3, 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

350 Anthropologists Sign Boycott Israel Petition
October 3, 2014 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffColumbia's Slippery Boycotters
by Martin Kramer, October 2, 2014 - Commentary

Congresswoman Calls for End to Federally Funded Campus Anti-Semitism [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Daniel Greenfield, October 2, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

200 Anthropologists Endorse Israel Boycott
October 2, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

250 Anthropologists Call for Academic Boycott of Israel
by Andy Thomason, October 2, 2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffShould We Silence Those Who Monitor Anti-Semitism on Campus?
by Jonathan S. Tobin, October 1, 2014 - Commentary

Fourteen Groups Urge Colleges to Protect Jewish Students from Anti-Semitism
October 1, 2014 -

Jewish-Studies Scholars Condemn List of 'Anti-Semitic' Professors
by Andy Thomason, October 1, 2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Muslim Leaders Sign Letter Against ISIS, But Endorse Sharia [incl. Hatem Bazian, Hamza Yusuf, Joseph E.B. Lumbard]
by Ryan Mauro, October 1, 2014 - The Clarion Project

Middle East Scholar Talks About Role of Youth in the Arab Spring [on Juan Cole]
by Amulya Yalamanchili, October 1, 2014 - The Daily Northwestern

Jewish Professors Hit Back Against Pro-Israel Campus 'Blacklist'
by Paul Berger, October 1, 2014 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Statement by Jewish Studies Professors in North America Regarding the Amcha Initiative
October 1, 2014 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Nita Lowey Wants Probe of College Programs for Anti­Israel Tilt
October 1, 2014 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Anti-Semitism is Slive and Well on Many U.S. Campuses
by Gary Bauer, October 1, 2014 - The Springfield News-Leader

Religion Studies Program Helps Students Gain Understanding
by Tyler Olsen, September 30, 2014 - Daily Utah Chronicle (newspaper of the University of Utah)

"A Middle East With No Minorities?" [incl. Laurie Brand]
September 30, 2014 -

Arab-Studies E-Zine Hopes to Counter Mainstream Narrative [on Bassam Haddad]
by Ursula Lindsey, September 29, 2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffMisuse of Higher Education Act Title VI Funding could Stoke the Flames of anti-Semitism
by Nita M. Lowey, Member of Congress, September 29, 2014 - Website of Rep. Nita M. Lowey, U.S. House of Representatives

Anti-Israel Academic Boycotters Rig Debate at American Anthropological Association
by William A. Jacobson, September 28, 2014 - Legal Insurrection

Moroccan Professor Teaches Arabic at Drury [on Jalal Ismaili]
by Kaleigh Jurgensmeyer, September 28, 2014 - The Springfield News-Leader

Professor Cross Promoted at Charleston Southern University
September 26, 2014 - Berkeley Independent

Study Finds Increasing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Bias at UCLA
September 24, 2014 - The Jewish Voice

Practicioner-in-Residence Program to enhance OU's Center for Middle East Studies
September 23, 2014 - The Norman Transcript

Travel Bans in Middle East Restrict Study Abroad Options
by Leah Nomkin, September 23, 2014 - The Occidental Weekly

Scholar to Speak in Wausau on Islam Misportrayal [on Munir Jiwa]
by Keith Uhlig, September 23, 2014 - Wausau Daily Herald

UCLA Using Government Funds to Fuel Anti-Semitism [incl. Leila Beckwith and Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
September 22, 2014 - Christian Broadcasting Network

Taxpayer-Funded Indoctrination at Colleges Hinders U.S. Foreign Policy
by Mike Gonzalez, September 22, 2014 - The Washington Times

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffPushing Back Against the World's Oldest Hatred
by Jennifer Rubin, September 21, 2014 - The Washington Post

UCLA Alumnus Pledges $900,000 to Center for Israel Studies
by Julia Raven, September 19, 2014 - The Daily Bruin (student newspaper of University of California, Los Angeles)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffTitle VI and Campus Bias
by Kenneth L. Marcus, September 19, 2014 - The Hill

Hatred Masquerading as Scholarship in the Classroom [incl. Hamid Dabashi]
by Sarah N. Stern, September 18, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Students for Justice in Palestine: Promoting Hate on Campus [incl. Hatem Bazian]
September 18, 2014 - Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

New Arabic Program Proposed for Rabat
by Claire Daly, September 18, 2014 - The Dartmouth

Expert on Islam Warns Us to View Extremists Skeptically [on John Esposito]
by Jeff Schweers, September 18, 2014 - The Gainesville Sun

Audit Finds U.S. Higher Education Act Funding Anti-Semitism at UCLA
by Paul Miller, September 18, 2014 - (project of Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity)

Is ISIS a Faith-Based Terrorist Group? [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Christopher Massie, September 17, 2014 - Columbia Journalism Review

University of Michigan Arabic Poetry Translator Wins 'Genius' Grant [on Khaled Mattawa]
by Katrease Stafford, September 17, 2014 - Detroit Free Press

NYU, Barnard and Columbia Join in Middle East Panel [incl. Hossein Kamaly and Richard Bulliet]
by Arsh Harjani, September 17, 2014 - NYU News (student newspaper of New York University)

University of Michigan Professor of Arabic Literature Wins MacArthur 'Genius' Grant [on Khaled Mattawa]
by John Counts, September 17, 2014 - The Ann Arbor News

Supporters of Israel Say Programs in Middle East Studies Misuse U.S. Funds
by Peter Schmidt, September 17, 2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Middle Eastern Studies Expert Gives Talk on Instability in the Region
by Samuel Tackitt, September 17, 2014 - The Daily Texan (student newspaper of University of Texas at Austin)

Q&A on Education in Gaza with Middle East Expert Nadia Yaqub
by Caroline Lamb, September 16, 2014 - The Daily Tar Heel (student newspaper of University of North Carolina)

Fairfield's Sacred Heart University Launches Global Studies Major
September 15, 2014 - Fairfield Daily Voice

CUNY Student Body Postpones BDS Move 'Out of respect for Shabbat' [incl. Kristofer Petersen-Overton]
by Tal Trachtman Alroy, September 14, 2014 - Haaretz

620 Academics Sign Petition Against Boycott Israel Movement
by Erica Morris, September 14, 2014 - JSpace News

Teach-In Highlights Sharp Divides Over Gaza [incl. Beshara Doumani, Sa'ed Atshan]
by Carolynn Cong, September 11, 2014 - The Brown Daily Herald

Amcha Posts List of Anti-Israel Professors [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
September 10, 2014 - The Jewish Voice

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffSelective Free Speech, Islam and the University
by Aaron W. Hughes, September 9, 2014 - The Calgary Herald

Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks
by Eric Lipton, Brooke Williams and Nicholas Confessore, September 6, 2014 - New York Times

From Gaza to Iraq: Crown Center Panel Covers Major Topics in Middle East [incl. Eva Bellin, Kanan Makiya, David Patel, Khalil Shikaki, Abdel Monem Said Aly, Shai Feldman]
by Jarret Bencks, September 5, 2014 - Brandeis Now (News of Brandeis University)

Thinking About Taking a University Course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict? Think Again.
by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith, September 5, 2014 - Jewish Journal

Matesan Studies Contentious Politics, Violence in the Middle East [on Ioana Emy Matesan]
by Lauren Rubenstein, September 5, 2014 - News of Wesleyan University

Faculty at U.S. Universities who Signed the Call by Middle East Studies Scholars and Librarians for the Academic Boycott of Israel
September 4, 2014 - AMCHA Initiative

Academic Watchdog Lists Professors Who Have Called for Boycott of Israel
September 3, 2014 -

Taxpayers Shouldn't Have to Support Leftist Foreign Policy Centers at Universities
by Mike Gonzalez, September 1, 2014 - The Daily Signal

New Wave or Clever Ruse? [incl. Omid Safi, Aaron Hughes, Abdullah Antepli, miriam cooke, Bruce Lawrence]
by Jay Schalin, August 29, 2014 - American Thinker

After Gaza Conflict, Preparing for a Potentially Stormy Year for Israel on Campus [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Alina Dain Sharon, August 29, 2014 -

Ingrid Mattson, Paving the Way for Women Scholars
by Omar Shahid, August 28, 2014 - Aquila Style

How Middle East Studies Professors Handle Bias in the Classroom [incl. Dov Waxman, Rashid Khalidi]
by Terrance Ross, August 28, 2014 - The Atlantic

Columbia Boycotts Israel? [incl. Lila Abu-Lughod]
by Martin Kramer, August 27, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Imam Adeel Zeb to Replace Abdullah Antepli as Muslim Chaplain at Duke
by Aleena Karediya, August 27, 2014 - The Duke Chronicle

Israeli Cargo Ship Unloads Despite Pro-Palestinian Protest [incl. Nada Elia]
by Natasha Chen, August 26, 2014 - KIRO Seattle

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffGaza = Auschwitz [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Hamid Dabashi, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj]
by Martin Kramer, August 26, 2014 - Mosaic

A Pro-Hamas Left Emerges
by Jeffrey Herf, August 26, 2014 - The American Interest

National Founder of SJP Calls To Silence Jewish Groups The Evening Before The Jewish New Year [on Hatem Bazian]
by Ron Feingold, August 26, 2014 - Truth Revolt

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffAmerica Is Ill-Served by Its Government-Funded Area Studies and Foreign Policy Programs [incl. John Esposito]
by Mike Gonzalez, August 25, 2014 - Heritage Foundation Reports: Backgrounder #2946

Paltry Crowd Fails to Block Israeli Ship at Seattle Port [incl. Nada Elia]
August 25, 2014 - The Mike Report

UNC Professors Call for Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions
by Maggie Lit, August 22, 2014 - Campus Reform

Professor Mark LeVine's Comparison Between Gaza and Ferguson
by Gary Fouse, August 22, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Ebrahim Moosa, Leading Scholar of Islamic Thought, Joins Notre Dame Faculty
by Joan Fallon, August 22, 2014 - News of University of Notre Dame

Learning Democracy [Book Review; on Juan Cole]
August 22, 2014 - The New York Times

University Professor: ISIS and Israel Are One in the Same [on Abdullah Al-Arian]
by Daniel Doherty, August 22, 2014 -

Georgetown U. Professor Compares Israel to ISIS [on Abdullah Al-Arian]
by Boruch Shubert, August 21, 2014 - Jewish Political Updates

Georgetown Professor and Son of Terror Conspirator Compares Israel to ISIL [on Abdullah Al-Arian]
by Adam Kredo, August 21, 2014 - The Washington Free Beacon

Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Students Distort Truth About Israel
by Raquel Reinstein,, August 20, 2014 - The Daily Texan (student newspaper of University of Texas at Austin)

Campuses Hone Tactics As BDS Wars Loom [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Amy Sara Clark, August 20, 2014 - The Jewish Week

Boycott Battles Ahead
by Elizabeth Redden, August 19, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

The "Historians" Confront Israel
by KC Johnson, August 19, 2014 - Minding the Campus

UNC Professors Join Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions
by Tat'yana Berdan, August 17, 2014 - The Daily Tar Heel (student newspaper of University of North Carolina)

Arts Council Honors Vida Samiian with Horizon Special Award
by Tom Uribes and Akyia Westley, August 15, 2014 - Fresno State News

Muslim Brotherhood Scion Chastises Hamas-Linked Group Over Dinner With Obama [on Tariq Ramadan]
by Kyle Shideler, August 13, 2014 - Breitbart

Syracuse College of Arts and Sciences Launches Minor in Arabic
by Laura Bulman, August 13, 2014 - Syracuse University News

Washing Dirty Laundry In Public, Tariq Ramadan Picks A Fight With ISNA
August 13, 2014 - The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

MSU Professor Gives a Primer on ISIS, Yezidis and America's Options in Iraq [on David Romano]
by Jennifer Davidson, August 11, 2014 - KSMU Radio (news of Missouri State University)

The Uncritical and Intemperate Partisans of the Boycott-Israel Movement
by Jonathan Marks, August 8, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Over 300 Scholars Seek Boycott Of Israel
by Blake Neff, August 8, 2014 - Daily Caller

Jihad Watch's Spencer: American University Professor Is Whitewashing Anti-Semitism [on Hillary Mann Leverett]
by Sean Piccoli, August 8, 2014 - Newsmax

Professors From More Than 40 American Colleges and Universities Pledge Academic Boycott of Israel
by Erin Mundahl, August 8, 2014 - Red Alert Politics

More Than 300 Scholars, Librarians, Pledge Academic Boycott of Israel
by Greg Piper, August 8, 2014 - The College Fix

Middle East Scholars Endorse Academic Boycott of Israel
August 7, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffAmerican University Professor Says 'Deep' Anti-Semitism Doesn't Exist in the Middle East [on Hillary Mann Leverett]
by Molly Greenberg, August 7, 2014 - InTheCapital

Eight Locals Among Mideast Scholars Calling for Israel Academic Boycott
August 7, 2014 - J. (The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California)

MSNBC: American University Professor Claims Anti-Semitism Doesn't Exist in Muslim Countries [on Hillary Mann Leverett]
by Robert Spencer, August 7, 2014 - Jihad Watch

Four Michigan Professors Join Mideast Scholars in Call for Israeli Academic Boycott
August 7, 2014 - The Detroit News

Professor Carl W. Ernst of USA Delivers Lecture on Sufism at Aligarh Muslim University
by TCN News, August 7, 2014 -

Duke Hires Anti-Zionist Israel Critic to Direct Islamic Studies Center [on Omid Safi]
by Blaise Desnoes, August 6, 2014 - Campus Reform

Professor Claims Anti-Semitism in the Middle East Doesn't Exist [on Hillary Mann Leverett]
by Samantha Reinis, August 6, 2014 - Campus Reform

Middle East Scholars Letter to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions
by Gary Fouse, August 6, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Over 100 Middle East Studies Scholars and Librarians Call for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions
by Jadaliyya Reports, August 6, 2014 - Jadaliyya

The American Studies Association Returns to the Middle East Fray
by Jonathan Marks, August 4, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

MSNBC Guests Deny 'Deep' Anti-Semitism in Middle East; Claim Only 'White Conservatives' Back Israel [on Hillary Mann Leverett]
by Matthew Balan, August 4, 2014 - Newsbusters

An Honest Voice in Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Philip Gourevitch, August 2, 2014 - The New Yorker

Stanford University Agitprop Press [incl. Joel Beinin]
by Kenneth Waltzer, August 1, 2014 - The Times of Israel

Public School Textbook Filled With Muslim Bias?
by Todd Starnes, July 31, 2014 -

Historians' Letter to President Obama and Members of Congress
July 31, 2014 - Historians Against the War (HAW)

Mark LeVine, Provocative UC Irvine Professor, Proposes "Parallel" Israeli-Palestinian States
by Matt Coker, July 31, 2014 - OC Weekly

BYU's Arabic Camp Extends Its Reach
by Barbara Christiansen, July 31, 2014 - The Daily Herald

Duke's New Director of Islamic Studies Compares Israeli Crimes to the Holocaust [on Omid Safi]
by Spencer Case, July 28, 2014 - National Review Online

Rashid Khalidi: 'Israel Provoked This Bloodshed'
by Pranay Sharma, July 28, 2014 - Outlook India

$3 Million to Fund Directorship at Duke for Islamic Studies [incl. Omid Safi]
July 28, 2014 - The Herald-Sun

Whoa [incl. Marc Lynch]
by Jay Nordlinger, July 27, 2014 - National Review Online

Duke Receives $3 Million for Islamic Studies Directorship [on Omid Safi]
by Emma Baccellieri, July 24, 2014 - The Duke Chronicle

Duke Gives Muslim 'Holocaust Inversion' Professor $3M Gig [on Omid Safi]
by Adam Kredo, July 24, 2014 - The Washington Free Beacon

Hatem Bazian Leads the Rabble in San Francisco
by Gary Fouse, July 23, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Duke Receives $3 Million Gift to Fund Directorship for Islamic Studies
July 22, 2014 - Duke Today

Soon-To-Be University of Illinois Professor's Mideast Posts Drawing Ire [on Steven Salaita]
by Christine Des Garennes, July 22, 2014 - The News-Gazette

Students March in San Francisco to Protest Violence in Gaza [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Rawan AbuShaban, July 22, 2014 - Uloop News

The U.S. Naval Academy and Anne Arundel Community College Join Forces to Teach Arabic
by Molly Greenberg, July 19, 2014 - InTheCapital

Michigan State University Cancels Study Abroad Program
July 18, 2014 - WVIC News (94.1)

Naval Academy, Community College Join Forces for Arabic Immersion Effort
by Joe Burris, July 17, 2014 - The Baltimore Sun

Values, Faith at Heart of Islamic Center School
by Diane DiVall, July 17, 2014 - The Naperville Sun

GW Students to Stay in Israel Amid Air Attacks
by Mary Ellen McIntire, July 15, 2014 - The GW Hatchet (newspaper of George Washington University)

Writers or Missionaries?
by Adam Shatz, July 15, 2014 - The Nation

NPR's Ashbrook Excludes Pro-Israel Voice Again [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Steven Stotsky, July 11, 2014 - CAMERA

Subject of Spying Report Is Weighing Legal Routes [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Adam Klasfeld, July 11, 2014 - Courthouse News Service

Glenn Greenwald's 'Innocent' Muslims List Includes People With Alleged Ties to Islamic Extremism [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Jordan Schachtel, July 10, 2014 - Breitbart

UMW Professor Monitors Elections in Hot Spots [on Nabil Al-Tikriti]
by Lindley Estes, July 10, 2014 - The Free Lance-Star

Tariq Ramadan At It Again; Describes Israel Ethics As "Destroying Civilians"
July 10, 2014 - The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

U.S. Spied on Five American Muslims, A Report Says [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Charlie Savage and Matt Apuzzo, July 10, 2014 - The New York Times

Rutgers Professor Not Surprised NSA Reportedly Monitored His E-mail [on Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Jonathan Lai, July 10, 2014 - The Philadelphia Inquirer

What You Need to Know About the Latest NSA Revelations [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Marc Ambinder, July 10, 2014 - The Week

For Specialists in Middle East Affairs, No Consensus on What the Future Holds
by John Moritz, July 9, 2014 - McClatchy Washington Bureau

Report Says FBI, NSA Spied On American Muslims [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by NPR, July 9, 2014 - National Public Radio

Report: Rutgers University Professor Among Five Muslim-American Leaders Subjected to NSA, FBI Email Surveillance [on Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Hannan Adely, July 9, 2014 -

This Incisive Middle East Scholar Envisioned a Better Iraq [on Fouad Ajami]
by Aaron Mannes, July 9, 2014 - Politix

Gause Appointed Head Of Bush School's Department Of International Affairs
by Lesley Henton, July 9, 2014 - TAMU Times (news of Texas A&M University)

Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain, July 9, 2014 - The Intercept - First Look Media

Report: U.S. Spied on Prominent Muslim Americans [incl, Hooshang Amirahmadi]
by Melissa Hellmann, July 9, 2014 - TIME

Obama's Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism
by Raymond Ibrahim, July 4, 2014 -

An Exceptional American [on Fouad Ajami]
by Lee Smith, July 3, 2014 - The Weekly Standard

Can There Be An Ethical Middle East Political Science?
by Marc Lynch, July 3, 2014 - Washington Post

Juan Cole: Murdered Israeli 16-Year-Olds "Squatters" who "Usurped Palestinian Land"
by Daniel Greenfield, July 2, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Presbyterian Church (USA) Drops Online Sale of Anti-Zionism Study Guide [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Michael Gryboski, July 2, 2014 - The Christian Post

Why You Should Be Outraged at San Francisco State University [on Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Sam Levine, July 2, 2014 - The PJ Tatler (Blog of Pajamas Media)

Despicable Juan Cole Blames Jews for the Boys' Murders
July 1, 2014 - Elder of Ziyon

Fouad Ajami: Honest Commentator on the Middle East
by Michael Curtis, June 28, 2014 - American Thinker

Professors Fear Taxpayer Abuse at San Francisco State University [on Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Paul Miller, June 27, 2014 - California Watchdog

One Professor's Twisted Definition of 'Scholarship' [on Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Ben Cohen, June 27, 2014 -

Jewish Professor Quit University of Calgary After School Refused to Act Against Students Who Endorsed Terror Groups
by Shiryn Ghermezian, June 27, 2014 - The Algemeiner

SFSU: Supporting Terrorists is Legitimate University-Funded 'Research' [on Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, June 27, 2014 - The Jewish Press

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffMourning Fouad Ajami
by Michael Doran, June 26, 2014 - Mosaic

University of Calgary Refused to Remove Student Spreading Pro-Jihad Views from Jewish Professor's Class
by Reid Southwick, June 26, 2014 - National Post

California University President Backs Professor's Terrorist Junket Paid for With Taxpayer Cash
by Abraham H. Miller, June 26, 2014 - The Blaze

Remarkable Men: The Charm and Talents of Fouad Ajami and Eli Wallach
by Gary Tischler, June 26, 2014 - The Georgetowner

University of Nevada Reno Offers Arabic Language Classes
June 26, 2014 - The Reno Gazette-Journal

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffThe Lights Are Dimmer Over Middle East Studies Tonight [on Fouad Ajami]
by Franck Salameh, June 25, 2014 - Jerusalem Post

Farewell to Fouad Ajami, Great Scholar of the Arabs, Truth-Teller, My Mo'allem
by Samuel Tadros, June 25, 2014 - Tablet Magazine

Students' Extremist Views Pushed Professor Out of University of Calgary [on Aaron Hughes]
by Reid Southwick, June 25, 2014 - The Calgary Herald

Fouad Ajami, or the Death of a Paradox
by Michael Young, June 25, 2014 - The Daily Star (Lebanon)

Fouad Ajami, 1945-2014: Farewell to a Master and a Friend
by Leon Wieseltier, June 25, 2014 - The New Republic

Hoover Senior Fellow Fouad Ajami Passes Away at Age 68
by Kylie Jue, June 25, 2014 - The Stanford Daily

Farewell to Fouad Ajami
by Lee Smith, June 25, 2014 - The Weekly Standard

CA Professors: State Money Should Not Be Used For Personal Political Agendas And Meetings with Terrorists [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Daniel Mael, June 25, 2014 - Truth Revolt

A 'Rare' Arab Intellectual: Fouad Ajami (1945-2014)
by Joseph A. Kechichian, June 24, 2014 - Al-Jazeera

Letter to California State Controller John Chiang Asking for a State Audit of SFSU [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, June 24, 2014 - AMCHA Initiative

Fouad Ajami: A Courageous Scholar Who Was Friendly to Israel
by Seth Lipsky, June 24, 2014 - Haaretz

San Francisco State University Challenged for Funding Meetings with Terrorists [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
June 24, 2014 -

The Dream Palace and the Nightmare: Fouad Ajami's Quest for Truth
by Seth Mandel, June 23, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Fouad Ajami, Rest in Peace
by Will Inboden, June 23, 2014 - Foreign Policy

Middle East Expert Fouad Ajami, Supporter of U.S. War in Iraq, Dies at 68
by Ofer Aderet, June 23, 2014 - Haaretz

Acclaimed Arab Scholar Fouad Ajami Dies
June 23, 2014 - i24 News

Mideast Scholar Fouad Ajami Dead at 68
June 23, 2014 - Reuters

Fouad Ajami (1945–2014)
by Michael Mandelbaum, June 23, 2014 - The American Interest

Muslim Language Classes Seek to Teach Language Through Immersion
by Abrar Al-Heeti, June 23, 2014 - The Daily Illini (student newspaper of the University of Illinois)

Fouad Ajami Dead: Adviser to Bush Administration and Outspoken Supporter of Iraq War, Dies Aged 68
by Stuart Henderson, June 23, 2014 - The Independent (U.K.)

Fouad Ajami, 'Genuine Arab Hero,' Dead at 68
by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, June 23, 2014 - The Jewish Press

Fouad Ajami, Lebanese-Born Scholar, Author and Commentator, Dies at 68 [incl. Charles Hill]
by Elaine Woo, June 23, 2014 - The Los Angeles Times

Fouad Ajami, 1945-2014
by Paul Wolfowitz, June 23, 2014 - The Weekly Standard

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffFouad Ajami, Great American
by Bret Stephens, June 23, 2014 - Wall Street Journal

Fouad Ajami
June 23, 2014 - Wall Street Journal

Fouad Ajami, Influential Scholar of the Middle East, Dies at 68
by Emily Langer, June 23, 2014 - Washington Post

Stanford's Fouad Ajami Has Died
by Joel B. Pollack, June 22, 2014 - Breitbart

Middle East Expert, Frequent CNN Guest Fouad Ajami Dead at 68
by Shelby Lin Erdman, June 22, 2014 - CNN

Fouad Ajami, Commentator and Expert in Arab History, Dies at 68
by Douglas Martin, June 22, 2014 - The New York Times

SFSU Israel-Bashing Professor's Partisans Strike Back [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Abraham H. Miller, June 20, 2014 - Breitbart

Bethany College Welcomes Fulbright Scholar in Arabic Language, Culture
June 20, 2014 - News of Bethany College

Public Statement: Rabab Abdulhadi Responds to AMCHA Allegations
by Rabab Abdulhadi, June 19, 2014 - Jadaliyya

Californians, You are Paying for Bash-Israel Events [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Abraham H. Miller, June 18, 2014 - Israel National News

Middle Eastern Studies Student Wins New Scholarship to Study in Israel
by Jennifer Grijalva, June 17, 2014 - News of UCLA International Institute

San Francisco State Univ. Funds Professors' Middle East Meeting with Terrorists [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Kaitlyn Schallhorn, June 16, 2014 - Campus Reform

Program at Simon Fraser University Explores Diversity Through Islamic Studies [incl. Omid Safi]
by Katherine Gillard, June 16, 2014 - The Peak (student newspaper of Simon Fraser University, British Columbia)

The Southern Poverty Law Center Stands Up for Hamas [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Daniel Greenfield, June 11, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

John Esposito: Muslim Brotherhood Not Engaged in Violence Despite Repression
June 11, 2014 - Middle East Monitor

Arizona State University Students Recognized for Achievement in Studying Religion, Conflict [incl. Najeeba Syeed-Miller]
by Matt Correa and Emily Fritcke, June 11, 2014 - News of Arizona State University

U.S. Professor Gives Testimony In U.K. On Muslim Brotherhood; Dr. John Esposito Has Long History Of Ties To Global Brotherhood
June 11, 2014 - The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

Student Studying Arabic Wins Six Weeks in Morocco
by Lisa Lavia Ryan, June 9, 2014 - The Des Moines Register

Memorial Minute: Nadav Safran
June 9, 2014 - The Harvard Gazette

Upper School Chooses Summer Read by Moustafa Bayoumi
June 7, 2014 - News of The Calhoun School (Manhattan)

Morally Corrupt Belgium [incl. Tariq Ramadan]
by Stephen Pollard, June 6, 2014 - The Jewish Chronicle

Taxpayers Cash Used For Professors' Trip To Meet With Terrorist Leaders [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi and Joanne Barker]
by Jim Kouri, June 5, 2014 - News With Views

SFSU Professors Use Public Funds To Meet With Terrorists
June 2, 2014 - The College Fix

Tariq Ramadan Makes First Time Appearance At Islamic Circle of North America/Muslim American Society Annual Conference
June 2, 2014 - The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

Jihad and Higher Education [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Abraham H. Miller, June 1, 2014 - American Thinker

Jewish Groups Accuse SFSU for Funding Anti-Israel Trips
by Stephen Adkins, May 31, 2014 - University Herald

Professor Accused of Meeting with Terror Groups on State University's Dime [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Paul Miller, May 30, 2014 - California Watchdog

California Taxpayer Money Hijacked for Faculty Terrorist Meetings? [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, May 30, 2014 - Jewish Press

Tariq Ramadan: Belgium May Be Lying About Museum Shootings
May 30, 2014 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Tariq Ramadan: Victims of Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting Were Israeli Agents
by Robert Spencer, May 30, 2014 - Jihad Watch

Controversial Text Still Being Used in Newton Public Schools
by Alexandra Lapkin, May 30, 2014 - The Jewish Advocate

California Taxpayers Funded Professors' Meeting with Terrorists [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi and Joanne Barker]
by Adam Kredo, May 30, 2014 - Washington Free Beacon

AMCHA and 7 Other Organizations Write SFSU President Leslie Wong Regarding SFSU Professor of Ethnic Studies Rabab Abdulhadi
May 27, 2014 - AMCHA Initiative

SFSU Professors Met with Terrorists Tied to American Deaths on Taxpayer's Dime [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Daniel Mael, May 27, 2014 - Truth Revolt

Learning Some Hard Lessons About Newton's Curriculum [incl. James Gelvin]
by Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov, May 23, 2014 - The Jewish Advocate

Rebel Jewish Student Movement to Hold First National Conference [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
May 16, 2014 - Haaretz

Turkish Scholar Denied Right to Board U.S.-Bound Flight [incl. Middle East Studies Association]
May 16, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

Number of Arabic Speakers Doubles at Weymouth Schools
by Christian Schiavone, May 16, 2014 - The Patriot Ledger

Sangita Kanumalla '14 to Study Arabic in Oman Through Boren Scholarship
May 15, 2014 - News of Bryn Mawr College

Decision to Send Hassan Diab to France Upheld
by Jim Bronskill, May 15, 2014 - The Canadian Press

Hassan Diab Lives in Limbo Ahead of Latest Terrorism Case Ruling
by Chris Cobb, May 14, 2014 - The Ottawa Citizen

The Extremist Allegiances of Joel Beinin
by Paul Bogdanor, May 12, 2014 - The Algemeiner

UC Berkeley "Islamophobia" Conference: Pseudo-Scholarship at Taxpayer Expense [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Lee Kaplan, May 8, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

New Middle East–North Africa Major Fills Gap at BU College of Arts and Sciences
by Susan Seligson, May 6, 2014 - BU Today (news of Boston University)

Imam Abdullah Antepli to Take on New University-Wide Role at Duke
May 6, 2014 - Duke Today

Duke Muslim Chaplain Assumes New Role [on Abdullah Antepli]
by Wes Platt, May 6, 2014 - The Herald Sun

Ode to Islamic Studies: Its Allure, Its Danger, Its Power
by Edward E. Curtis IV, May 2, 2014 - Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Arabic House Living Option Offered for 2014-15 Academic Year
by Qiong Yang, May 2, 2014 - The Mac Weekly (student newspaper of Macalester College)

University of North Georgia Cadets Earn Boren Grants to Study in Middle East
May 1, 2014 -

Students to Study Chinese, Arabic as Part of State Department Program
by Amy Blakely, April 30, 2014 - Tennessee Today (news of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

A Revolutionary Fellow [on Asef Bayat]
by Eliseo Elizarraraz, April 30, 2014 - The Daily Illini (student newspaper at University of Illinois)

Scholar Speaks About 'Islamic Threat' at Adams State University [on John Esposito]
by Phil Ray Jack, April 30, 2014 - The Valley Courier

How to Lie About Israel, Part Two: The Hard Left [incl. Ian Lustick]
by Bradley Burston, April 29, 2014 - Haaretz

Islamic Studies Scholarships to be Awarded
April 29, 2014 - News of California State University, Fullerton

Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures Pilot Program a Hit at University of Calgary
by Heath McCoy, April 25, 2014 - UToday (news of University of Calgary)

Anti-Semitism and False Moral Equivalence [incl. Abdullah Antepli]
by Daniel R. Benson, April 23, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

Richard Falk at San Diego State University
by J.J. Surbeck, April 23, 2014 - Fousesquawk Blog

Tampa Terror Radio [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Joe Kaufman, April 23, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Film Highlights 'Islamophobia' in Post-9/11 Era [incl. Shehnaz Abdeljaber]
by Maegan Kae Sunaz, April 23, 2014 - The Daily Targum (student newspaper of of Rutgers University)

Arundel Community College, Navy to Offer Arabic Immersion Program
by Joe Burris, April 22, 2014 - The Baltimore Sun

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffThe Closing of the Academic Mind [incl. Tariq Ramadan]
by M.G. Oprea, April 21, 2014 - The Federalist

Khaled Abou El Fadl receives American Muslim Achievement Award
April 18, 2014 - UCLA Newsroom

Conference Illuminates Problem of Islamophobia in Today's Society [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Angel Grace Jennings, April 17, 2014 - Daily Californian

Rashid Khalidi: Washington and the Peace Process: Assessing America's Role, Past and Present
April 17, 2014 - The Jerusalem Fund

Academic Awards Committee Recognizes Columbia Professors [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
April 16, 2014 - The Bwog (student blog of Columbia University)

Islam Awareness Week Returns to University of Wisconsin Green Bay [incl. Robert Kramer, Ibtesam Al-Atiyat]
by Andrew Campnell, April 15, 2014 - Fourth Estate (student newspaper of UW-Green Bay)

Q&A with Islamic Studies Scholar John L. Esposito
by Carla Hinton, April 12, 2014 - NewsOK

Leading Expert on Islamic Law To Join HLS Faculty [on Kristen A. Stilt]
by Tyler S. Olkowski, April 11, 2014 - Harvard Crimson

Teaching Arabic in the United States After 9/11 [incl. MESA]
by Chris Stone, April 11, 2014 - Jadaliyya (Arab Studies Institute)

Baylor's Model Arab League Team Successful at Regional Competition [incl. Mark Long]
by Lori Fogleman, April 8, 2014 - News of Baylor University

Students Chosen to Serve in Model Arab League at D.C. Conference
April 8, 2014 - News of University of Arkansas at Little Rock

American Muslims for Palestine's Telling Choice of Heroes
April 8, 2014 - The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Professors Robert Friedman and Rashid Khalidi Honored for Excellence in Teaching and Publishing
April 7, 2014 - News of Columbia College

Professor Richard Frye, Armenian Studies Pioneer, Dies [incl. Richard Bulliet]
April 7, 2014 - The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

American University Launches New Arab World Studies Program [incl. Randa Serhan]
by Elisabeth Myers, April 4, 2014 - Morocco World News

Professor Richard N. Frye Dies at 94 [incl. William Graham]
by Beth Giudicessi, April 4, 2014 - The Harvard Gazette

Experts Shed Light on Women, Uprisings in Middle East [incl. Beth Baron]
by Lin Lan, April 3, 2014 - The Daily Targum (student newspaper of of Rutgers University)

MENA, Northwestern-Qatar Team Up for Publication Highlighting Scholarship
by Annie Bruce, April 2, 2014 - The Daily Northwestern

Jewish Groups Ask SFSU President to Investigate Professor Who Promotes Terrorism [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
April 2, 2014 - The Jewish Voice

UNC Panel Holds Discussion on American Studies Association Boycott of Israeli Institutions [incl. Sarah Shields]
by Rachel Schmitt, March 31, 2014 - The Daily Tar Heel (student newspaper of University of North Carolina)

Four Jewish Groups Urge Probe at SFSU [on Rabab Abdulhadi]
March 28, 2014 - San Diego Jewish World

New State Panel Hears About Anti-Semitism [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
March 27, 2014 -

Ohio State Graduates 7% of US Arabic Majors
by Alex Drummer, March 27, 2014 - The Lantern (student newspaper of The Ohio State University)

AMCHA and Jewish Organizations Write President Wong about Professor Abdulhadi and SFSU Faculty Event Condoning Terrorism
March 26, 2014 - AMCHA Initiative

Panel Explores Democracy's Role in Islamic Countries [incl. Akram Khater]
by Suleyman Barthe-Sukhera, March 26, 2014 - N.C. State University Technician Online

University of Montana Offers Arabic Classes to High School Students
March 26, 2014 - The Laurel Outlook

Yale's NELC Department in Dire Straits [incl. Hala Nassar]
by YUVAL BEN-DAVID, March 26, 2014 - Yale Daily News

Al Jazeera Once Again Removes Joseph Massad Article on Palestine
by Ali Abunimah, March 24, 2014 - Electronic Intifada

Khalidi at Ramaz: The Fundamental Issue at Stake
by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn, March 20, 2014 - Arutz Sheva

Some Thoughts on Navigating the "Normative/Descriptive" Divide: Reflections on Islamic Studies [incl. Omid Safi and Aaron Hughes]
by Vernon Schubel, March 17, 2014 - Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl receives 2014 American Muslim Achievement Award
March 17, 2014 - News of UCLA International Institute

Lisa Anderson on Her Strategy for the American University in Cairo
by Borzou Daragahi, March 14, 2014 - Financial Times

Report From Members of the Academic and Labor Delegation to Palestine 2014 [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi]
by Emunah, March 14, 2014 - Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Middle East Studies Night to Announce Award Recipients
by Bethany Gallimore, March 13, 2014 - The Herald (student newspaper of Arkansas State University)

Boycotting Israel's Universities Is Wrong [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Carlo Strenger, March 13, 2014 - The Huffington Post

Ottoman and Turkish Studies Initiative Launches at Cornell University
by Linda B. Glaser, March 12, 2014 - The Cornell Chronicle (News of Cornell University)

Tariq Ramadan's Qatar Research Center Holds 2nd Annual Conference; Former Al Jazeera General Manger Keynote Speaker
March 12, 2014 - The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

Islamic History Scholar Michael Cook Wins Holberg Prize
by Karin Dienst, March 11, 2014 - News of Princeton University

Has Politics Let Us Off the Hook?: Reflections on Islamic Studies [incl. Omid Safi and Aaron Hughes]
by Ruth Mas, March 10, 2014 - Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Ha'aretz No Longer a Newspaper [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Yishai Goldflam, March 9, 2014 - Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA)

'New Directions' Conference Discusses Future of Palestinian Studies [incl. Beshara Doumani, Rashid Khalidi, Joel Beinin, Lelia Farsakh, et al.]
by Sarah Irving, March 8, 2014 - The Electronic Intifada

Rashid Khalidi and Judith Butler Object to Boycotting the Boycotters
March 7, 2014 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Lincoln Students Pick Up Interest in Arabic
by Heidi Pierson, March 6, 2014 - Des Moines Register

Statement Raises Concerns on Intimidation of Israel's Critics [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
March 6, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

Scholars Rap Intimidation of Israel's Critics [on Rashid Khalidi and Judith Butler]
March 6, 2014 - Press TV

Princeton in the Middle East Program to Send Postgraduate Fellows Abroad
by SHARON DENG, March 6, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Preaching 'Islamophobia' to the Choir at Saudi-Funded Georgetown [incl. Daniel Varisco, John Esposito]
by Andrew Harrod, March 5, 2014 - Frontpage Magazine

Scholars Launch Petition Against Censorship of Israel Critics [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
March 5, 2014 - Haaretz

The Insanity of Providing Platforms for our Enemies [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Isi Leibler, March 5, 2014 - J-Wire News

Jewish Institutions Grapple with Hosting Jewish Critics of Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by URIEL HEILMAN, March 5, 2014 - Jewish Community Voice

Recognizing Religion in Conflict [on Najeeba Syeed-Miller]
by David Jackson, March 5, 2014 - The Daily Nexus (student newspaper of UC Santa Barbara)

Anti-Israel Speakers and Jewish Self-Hatred [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, March 5, 2014 - The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

Our Dinners With Rashid Khalidi
by Joshua R. Fattal, March 4, 2014 - The Jewish Week

Georgetown University: Daniel Varisco and John Esposito Explain "Islamophobia" For You
by Robert Spencer, March 3, 2014 - Jihad Watch

Americans Studies Association Conference Draws Criticism from Pro-Israel Groups
by Ann Schmidt and Kavish Harjai, March 3, 2014 - NYU News

Kumar, Kundnani and Alim Deliver Talk on Islamophobia in America
by Sarah Robertson, March 3, 2014 - The Massachusetts Daily Collegian (student newspaper at University of Massachusetts Amherst)

When Media Cover for Palestinian Terror Groups [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
March 2, 2014 - Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA)

Rashid Khalidi, Ramaz and Peter Beinart's Double Standard
by Daniel Greenfield, February 28, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Ramaz and Rashid Khalidi
by Jeremy Rosen, February 28, 2014 - The Algemeiner

New York Times: Soft Spot for Khalidi?
by Martin Kramer, February 27, 2014 - Commentary Magazine

How Egypt's Turmoil Is Killing Off Its Study Abroad Programs
by Christopher Reeve, February 27, 2014 - Policy Mic

Peter Beinart, Hypocrite [incl. Rashid Khalidi]
February 26, 2014 - Elder of Ziyon Blog

Feud Over Israel Erupts at Jewish Institutions
by Hody Nemes, February 26, 2014 - Forward

Jewish Orthodoxy Can't Be Truly Open if It Is Closed to the Palestinians
by Peter Beinart, February 26, 2014 - Haaretz

Rift at Jewish School in Manhattan Over Canceled Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Talk [on Rashid Khalidi]
by Jacob W. Sotak, February 26, 2014 - The New York Times

"Muslim Obligations in Promoting Justice, in America"
by Lance Silver and Andrew Palashewsky, February 26, 2014 - Tundra Tabloids

The Real Agenda Behind the Push for 'Islamophobia' [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Raheel Raza, February 25, 2014 - Gatestone Institute

Author Offers New Insight on Islamic Traditions in Book [incl. Toby Jones]
by Jessica Herring, February 25, 2014 - The Daily Targum (student newspaper of of Rutgers University)

Israel Studies Course Pairs University of Maryland Students with Tel Aviv Professor
by Erin Serpico, February 25, 2014 - The Diamondback (student newspaper of the University of Maryland)

Ramaz Israel Row Points To Larger Trends [on Rashid Khalidi]
by Steve Lipman, February 25, 2014 - The Jewish Week

Ramaz Explains Why They Banned Rashid Khalidi
February 23, 2014 - Forward

Ramaz Pro-Khalidi Petition Gains Support from Ahmadinejad, Arafat and Hitler
by Daniel Greenfield, February 23, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Ramaz Administration Handled Rashid Khalidi Debacle Expertly
by Daniel de Sola Marks, February 23, 2014 - The Jewish Press

Anti-Israel Jews and the Vassar Blues [incl. Joshua Schreier]
by Lucette Lagnado, February 23, 2014 - Wall Street Journal

Testing Limits: Orthodox High School Uninvites Palestinian-American Scholar [on Rashid Khalidi]
by Debra Nussbaum Cohen, February 22, 2014 - Haaretz

Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi Prohibited from Speaking at Ramaz School
February 22, 2014 - The Bwog (student blog of Columbia University)

Orthodox Manhattan High School Kills Khalidi Appearance
February 22, 2014 - The Jewish Press

Ramaz, Orthodox Manhattan High School, Nixes Rashid Khalidi Talk
February 21, 2014 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Office Hours: An Interview with Islamic Studies Professor Ahmed El Shamsy
by Jeanie Chung, Winter 2014 - The Core (University of Chicago Magazine)

Ramaz Petition on Rashid Khalidi Ban Grows to 150 Signatures
by Hody Nemes, February 20, 2014 - Forward

Islamic Studies Virtual Curriculum to be Offered in Fall 2015
by Amia Davis, February 19, 2014 - The Michigan Daily (student newspaper of the University of Michigan)

Wilson School to Offer Study Abroad Program in Israel
by Warren Crandall, February 18, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Scholars Gather to Honor Turkish Poet Nazim Hikmet [incl. Beshara Doumani]
by Zach Fredericks, February 14, 2014 - The Brown Daily Herald

University of Michigan Leads Islamic Studies Virtual Program
February 12, 2014 - Associated Press

Expanding Islamic Studies Across the Big Ten
by William Foreman, February 11, 2014 - News of the University of Michigan

Middle Eastern Expert Offers View of Arab Spring Movements at PSU Talk [on Juan Cole]
by Cate Hansberry, February 10, 2014 - Centre Daily Times

Farewell, Barry Rubin
by Efraim Inbar, February 10, 2014 - Jerusalem Post

Berkeley Professor Criticized for 'Indoctrination' of Students [on Hatem Bazian]
by Mary Lou Byrd, February 10, 2014 - Washington Free Beacon

Newton MA School Lessons Whitewash Hamas, Legitimize Israel's Destruction
February 7, 2014 - Americans for Peace and Tolerance

Berkeley Prof Forces Students to Tweet Pro-Islam Views [on Hatem Bazian]
by Robby Soave, February 6, 2014 - Daily Caller

UC Berkeley Professor Requires Students Tweet On Islamophobia [on Hatem Bazian]
February 6, 2014 - The College Fix

Will it Ever Be "Just about Bad Scholarship?": A Response to Aaron Hughes and Omid Safi
by Carl J. Stoneham, February 5, 2014 - Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Anti-Semitic Muslim Professor Forces Students to Tweet on Islamophobia [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by Daniel Greenfield, February 5, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

UT-Knoxville's Newest Student Anti-Israel Hate Group [incl. Hatem Bazian]
by David James, February 5, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Scholars Protest Espionage Charges Against Egyptian Colleague [on Emad Shahin, incl. Middle East Studies Association]
February 5, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

University of Arizona Program Helps Students Become Fluent in Both Arabic and Culture
by Nick Blumberg, February 5, 2014 - KJZZ Radio

Hatem Bazian Forces His Class to Tweet About "Islamophobia"
by Dusty, February 5, 2014 - Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Yeshiva University Names New VP for Academic Affairs and Provost [on Selma Botman]
February 5, 2014 - The Jewish Voice

Alabama Cuts Back on Critical Languages
by Phoebe Rees, February 4, 2014 - The Crimson White (student newspaper of University of Alabama)

When Bad Scholarship Is Just Bad Scholarship: A Response to Omid Safi
by Aaron W. Hughes, February 3, 2014 - Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Barry Rubin, Scholar and Friend
by Vic Rosenthal, February 3, 2014 - Fresno Zionism

University of Iowa Searching for Faculty Member to Teach Arabic
by Carter Cranberg, February 3, 2014 - The Daily Iowan (student newspaper of University of Iowa)

Reflections on the State of Islamic Studies [incl. Carl Ernst, Bruce Lawrence]
by Omid Safi, January 31, 2014 - Jadaliyya (magazine of the Arab Studies Institute)

Panel Talks Egyptian Politics [incl. John Esposito and John Voll]
by Alden Fletcher, January 31, 2014 - The Hoya (student newspaper of Georgetown University)

Professor Charged With Espionage [on Emad Shahin]
by Kit Clemente, January 31, 2014 - The Hoya (student newspaper of Georgetown University)

Georgetown Professors Support Visiting Professor Charged in Egyptian Espionage Case [on Emad Shahin]
by Noah Buyon, January 29, 2014 - Vox Populi (Blog of The Georgetown Voice)

Teaching Prize Winner is a Gardener Who Sows Wisdom in the Classroom [on Suad Joseph]
January 25, 2014 - News of UC Davis

Georgetown's Cairo Study Abroad Program Indefinitely Closed
by Lucius Lee, January 23, 2014 - The Georgetown Voice

Cairo Study Abroad Program Suspended Indefinitely Following Safety Concerns
by Kenneth Lee, January 23, 2014 - Vox Populi (Blog of The Georgetown Voice)

Saving Islam from Its Victims [incl. Lila Abu-Lughod]
by Bruce Bawer, January 22, 2014 - FrontPage Magazine

Vassar College Office of the President Opposes Israel Boycott [incl. Joshua Schreier]
by Eloy Bleifuss Prados, January 22, 2014 - The Miscellany News

Renowned Scholar in Egypt Charged With Espionage [on Emad Shahin]
January 22, 2014 - The New York Times

MLA: No Boycott, But Censure of Israel for Alleged Curbs on U.S. Scholars [incl. Samer Ali]
by Menachem Wecker, January 14, 2014 - Forward

Another Approach [on MESA]
by Elizabeth Redden, January 14, 2014 - Inside Higher Ed

Film Series Shines Light On 'The Real Israel' [on Shai Ginsburg]
by Alex Granados and Frank Stasio, January 14, 2014 - WUNC News

Israel Boycott Debate Sows Dissent at Annual MLA Convention [incl. Samer Ali]
by Aaron Magid, January 10, 2014 - Haaretz

MLA 'Boycott Israel' Moderator is an Iran-Loving, America-Hating Crackpot [on Samer Ali]
by Eric Owens, January 9, 2014 - Daily Caller

Modern Language Association (MLA) BDS Session Lays the Groundwork for Promoting Punishment of Israel [incl. Samer Ali]
by Peggy Shapiro, January 9, 2014 - StandWithUs

Juan Cole Remains a Lying Idiot
January 7, 2014 - Elder of Ziyon Blog

Petition Challenges Pourdavoud Chair Candidate
by Chitra Marti, January 7, 2014 - The Daily Princetonian

Former CIA Analyst Sees 2014, Age of Iranian Diplomacy [on Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett]
January 4, 2014 - Fars News Agency (Iran)

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