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Links on Middle Eastern Studies and Academia

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Bias on Campus

CAMERA on Campus
Basic facts and strategies for students to counter misinformation about Israel and the Middle East.

Honest Reporting for Campus

Israel on Campus Coalition
National organizations networked to promote Israel education and advocacy on university campuses.

Exposing anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli scholars within Israeli universities.

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
Academics dedicated to fighting anti-Israel and anti-Semitism on campuses.

Transcript of the film "Columbia Unbecoming"

Faculty, Student, Parent, and Alumni Organizations

Accuracy in Academia
Documenting and publicizing political bias in education.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni
Committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability on college and university campuses.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
Defending freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, and religious liberty on American campuses through media and legal advocacy.

National Association of Scholars
Academics dedicated to restoring intellectual substance, individual merit, and academic freedom in the university.
Parents combating the sociopolitical agendas permeating some college courses and orientation programs.

Students for Academic Freedom
Student organizations dedicated to ending political abuse of the university. - Exposing UCLA's radical professors

Syllabi and Textbooks Studies, Faculty Evaluation

American Textbook Council
Reviews history textbooks and other educational materials used in elementary and high schools.
A resource to learn about students experiences with specific faculty members.

Syllabus Finder
A tool for finding keywords and/or quoted phrases, names, or titles in assigned syllabi.

Lists of Faculty

Campus Watchs List of Recommended Professors
Scholars whom Campus Watch considers thoughtful and balanced.

Middle East Forum's List of Experts
Specialists on Middle Eastern and Islamic issues, both on campus and off.

Links to Articles on Middle East Studies and Academia

Dangerous Professors
The most dangerous academics in America.

Daniel Pipes articles on Middle East Studies

Middle East Forum's Campus Speakers Bureau

Stanley Kurtz author archive at National Review Online

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