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Surveys: University of California, Santa Cruz

Articles marked by a icon are recommended by Campus Watch staff.

Opinion Editorial: Stephen Zunes Unable to Accept Views He Doesn't Share
October 7, 2017 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Persis Karim named inaugural chair of SF State's Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies
May 24, 2017 - SF State News (University Communications)

Sixty-three California Scholars Falsely Charge Campus Watch with Making Violent Threats
March 3, 2017 at 5:46 pm - Campus Watch Setting the Record Straight

Making Strides: Israel Studies Flourishing at Cal
December 15, 2016 - J. (The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California)

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffAssault on Academic Freedom? UCLA Conference Blames Israel
December 22, 2015 - Jihad Watch

Conservatives Win Battle Against Radical Liberals in California Colleges [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith]
December 26, 2014 - Eagle Rising

Center for Emerging Worlds Launches With A Year-Long Focus on Global Islam
November 14, 2014 - UCSC News (University of California Santa Cruz)

Class Features Diverse Voices on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
October 3, 2014 - News of UC Santa Cruz

Jewish Professors Hit Back Against Pro-Israel Campus 'Blacklist'
October 1, 2014 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Two Academicians Challenge Anti-Israel Professor from CSUN [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
October 9, 2013 - The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

University of California Students Leave Egypt Amid Political Turmoil
July 4, 2013 - The Sacramento Bee

Ten University of California Students Evacuated from Cairo Have Homecoming
July 4, 2013 - KTVU News (San Francisco, CA)

Summer Abroad Group to be Evacuated from Cairo
July 3, 2013 - News of of the University of California, Davis

University of California Davis Students Evacuated from Egypt
July 3, 2013 - KCRA News (Sacramento, CA)

Brandeis Center and SPME Defend Tammi Rossman-Benjamin Against Attacks
May 21, 2013 - Blog of the Louis D. Brandeis Center

Filling an 'Appetite for Jewish Learning' [incl. Fred Astren]
April 11, 2013 - J. Weekly (Jewish News Weekly of Northern California)

UC Hebrew Lecturer Ties Student Groups to Hamas [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
April 1, 2013 - The Jerusalem Post

What Are Our Children Learning In College? [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
June 21, 2012 - Right Wing Granny Blog

Time For 'Israel Apartheid Week'! [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
May 16, 2012 - FrontPage Magazine

UCLA Professor's Link on Course Website to Page Supporting Boycott of Israel Sparks Controversy [on David Shorter, incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
April 24, 2012 - The Daily Bruin (student newspaper of University of California, Los Angeles)

UCLA Professor Warned About Israel Views [on David Shorter; incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, Juan Cole]
April 24, 2012 - Salon

New Think Tank Formed to Combat Campus Anti-Semitism [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, Title VI]
March 20, 2012 - The Cutting Edge

Being 'Pro-Israel' Isn't Enough [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 2, 2012 - The Forward

Waving the Zionist Flag at Santa Cruz [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
November 16, 2011 - The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

Standing Tall in Santa Cruz: U.C. Lecturer Wages War Against Anti-Jewish Activity on Campus [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
November 3, 2011 - J. Weekly (Jewish News of Northern California)

Academics Against Israel [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
September 14, 2011 - Ynet News

The Patrons of Anti-Israelism [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
June 23, 2011 - FrontPage Magazine

Tear Down This Wall Mr. Yudof: Confronting Campus Anti-Semitism [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
May 26, 2011 - Red County

UC Debates Free Speech Vs. Federal Protection [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
May 18, 2011 - The Forward

Think Again: Is Israel dividing American Jewry? [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
May 6, 2011 - Jerusalem Post

The Reality of Campus Anti-Semitism
April 22, 2011 - Contentions (Blog of Commentary Magazine)

Jewish Students Under Assault -- Part II [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
April 8, 2011 - Yated Ne'eman

Department of Education Investigates Allegations of Anti-Semitism at UCSC [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
April 4, 2011 - The Highlander (student newspaper of University of California, Riverside)

US Government to Probe Anti-Semitism at California University [incl. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 17, 2011 - The Jerusalem Post

UC Santa Cruz Focus of Anti-Semitism Investigation [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 17, 2011 - Arutz Sheva (

U.S. Department of Education Investigating Claims of Anti-Semitism at UCSC [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 17, 2011 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Feds to Probe California University Professor's Complaint that Pro-Palestinian Events Were Anti-Semitic [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 16, 2011 - Associated Press

U.S. Opens Inquiry Into Alleged Anti-Semitism at Santa Cruz [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 16, 2011 - Inside Higher Ed

Civil Rights Query Into Anti-Jewish Bias Launched at UC, Santa Cruz
March 16, 2011 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Education Department Investigates Complaint of Anti-Semitism at UC-Santa Cruz [on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin]
March 15, 2011 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Academic Question [incl. Joel Beinin]
May 6, 2010 - Tablet Magazine

How to Fight the Campus Battle against Old and New Anti-Semites: Motifs, Strategies, and Methods [incl. Middle East studies, Martin Kramer]
November 2009 - Institute for Global Jewish Affairs

Campus Critics on Trial [on David Theo Goldberg and Saree Makdisi]
November 1, 2009 - The American Thinker

Academic Freedom and the Anti-Zionists
March 14, 2009 - The American Thinker

Anti-Zionism and the Abuse of Academic Freedom: A Case Study at the University of California, Santa Cruz
February 1, 2009 - JCPA Institute for Global Jewish Affairs

2007-2008: Another Year of Global Academic Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism [incl. MESA, ASMEA, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Yinon Conen, et al.]
October 2008 - Institute for Global Jewish Affairs

Keep Language Alive in the UC System
June 5, 2008 - City On a Hill Press (UC Santa Cruz)

Criticism Is Not The Same As Censorship [on UC Santa Cruz "City on a Hill Press" article]
November 26, 2007 - Anti-Racist Blog

Campus Watch Critiques, UC Santa Cruz Paper Cries "Censorship!"
November 16, 2007

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffCampus Watch Critiques, UC Santa Cruz Paper Cries "Censorship!"
November 16, 2007

Silencing Debate on the Middle East [incls. Joseph Massad, Edmund Burke III]
November 15, 2007 - City On a Hill Press (UC Santa Cruz)

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