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Surveys: California State University, Sacramento

Articles marked by a icon are recommended by Campus Watch staff.

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffNew Campus Watch Resource: Professors to Avoid
June 23, 2016 - Campus Watch, a Project of the Middle East Forum

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffHamas's Academic Apologists
August 31, 2014 - American Thinker

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffManzar Foroohar: The California Faculty Association's Secret Weapon
June 3, 2011 - FrontPage Magazine

University of Delaware Students Escape Egypt Turmoil
February 1, 2011 -

NPR Anchor Displays Shocking Ignorance [incl. Joseph Massad and Nadia Abu El-Haj]
July 26, 2009 - Fresno Zionism Blog

'Jesus was a Palestinian,' Claims U.S. History Text [incl. Ayad Al-Qazzaz]
October 3, 2008 - WorldNetDaily

ViewFinder: Songs of Hope [segment transcript; incl. Ayad Al-Qazzaz]
May 14, 2008 - KVIE Public Television

History Textbooks Promoting Islam [incl. Ayad Al-Qazzaz]
May 10, 2008 - World Net Daily

Promotion of Islam in Our Schools
February 6, 2008 - Dhimmi Watch

Recommended by Campus Watch StaffPromotion of Islam in Our Schools [on Ayad Al-Qazzaz of Cal State, Sacramento]
February 5, 2008 - FrontPage Magazine

Cinnamon Stillwell: Promotion of Islam in Our Schools [on Ayad Al-Qazzaz of Cal State, Sacramento, History Alive!]
February 5, 2008 - Solomonia Blog

Mid-East Studies Profs Infecting Schools [on Ayad Al-Qazzaz]
February 5, 2008 - Phi Beta Cons

Incorporating September 11's Lessons into the Classroom
September 11, 2006 - Sacramento State Bulletin

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